• About Mouldflo


Adding production value, sustainability and innovation to the Plastic Industry

At Mouldflo we develop and sell monitoring solutions and test equipment for the global plastic industry. Our technology optimises production value and energy consumption, reduces waste and improves work flows. 

Our expertise is production optimisation and we are specialised in developing and tailoring our solutions for injection moulding machines in companies of all sizes.

Our goal is to make production with injection moulding more smart and sustainable and to help shape the factories of the future. 

That is why we never stop developing!

All of our products eminate from continued discussions with our end-customers as well as industry experts and leading scientists in the field.

Our solutions are based on the real-life framework and challenges of the factory floor. Furthermore, we customise our products to ensure that our customer's specific needs are always met.

Our development department is working tirelessly to continue expanding the possibilities of our solutions and to keep our customers three steps ahead.


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Spreading knowledge all over the world

Since 2014, Mouldflo has grown from a small Danish start-up with a good idea to a well-established brand in the global market.

Working together with a global reseller network, we have expanded our customer base and installed countless systems all across the globe.  

Our values, however, stay the same. We care about the service we provide and we never stop improving our products. Our central support team as well as our local resellers are always ready to handle incoming inquiries.

Our solutions provide knowledge and knowledge is power. We are proud to be sharing that power with companies all over the world.


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It is time for a sustainable production

All around the globe, companies, organisations and governments are working together on making the UN Sustainable Development Goals become a reality. At Mouldflo, we are proud to be a part of that change. 

Our wish is to help make the transition to a more sustainable production as easy as possible and available for all. With our solutions, energy efficiency and economical profit is directly linked to each other. With the knowledge provided by the Mouldflo solutions, our customers are able to optimise the usage of ressources as well as reduce the amount of wasted material.

The future is here and it is green. We are happy to be able to provide a sustainable production for all. The technology is ready. Are you?