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Introducing MouldLive:

IIOT mould monitoring & cloud solution

The new MouldLive Solution by Mouldflo introduces a game-changing technology, designed for the plastic production of the future.

For the first time ever, MouldLive allows companies to get a complete remote surveillance and control of their production hall – with all data gathered in one place and accessible from anywhere.

Relevant for anyone who wants to keep up with the newest technology, MouldLive represents a high quality and cost-efficient IIoT-solution for all production with injection moulding machines. 


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MouldLive offers you all you need to upgrade your future production

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How does it work?


Advanced sensor technology, edge computing and cloud storage - all in one


Expand your possibilities

MouldLive is an add-on to the existing Mouldflo product line and is therefore easy to implement into installations already in place.


Learn more of all elements of the installation below. 


Intelligent manifolds 


Machine installations with high precision sensors measuring flow, pressure and temperature in the mould’s cooling circuits




Mouldlive box


The link between the manifolds and the cloud.


Gathers and filters all data from your machines and ensures production quality with tailored settings and automated alarm functions.



Mouldlive cloud



Secure storage of all your data, giving you complete traceability.









Flexible online access


Remote and secure online access to all MouldLive data.


Including real-time overview of the cooling circuits on all your machines, historical data and quality reports.









MouldLive - welcome to the future


"I am extremely proud to be able to introduce MouldLive and the endless possibilities that come with it.

This technology is going to both, solve real-life challenges on the production floor and ensure an easy transition into Industry 4.0 - for companies of all sizes.

Are you ready for a more innovative and sustainable production? This is just the beginning… Get in touch with us if you want to start a collaboration that will take you to the next level!"


Martin Hansen

CEO, Mouldflo


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