• The Mouldflo Test-Rig

    Document, validate and maintain


The Mouldflo Test-rig - Irreplaceable for efficient quality assurance


An essential part of your QA process

The Test-rig offers you a unique way to simulate a production setup and ensure the quality of your moulds.

Equipped with its own water tank, pump, manifold and a full software setup, it allows you to document, validate and maintain your moulds by testing them in a practical all-in-one tool.


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Using the Test-rig 

Watch this video to learn more about how you can benefit from using the Mouldflo Test-rig.




The new generation - Test-rig 2.0

It has never been easier to test and maintain your moulds!

The new and improved version of the Mouldflo Test-rig, makes it even easier to simulate a production setup and optimise your production. Beside the usual flow and pressure test of the cooling circuits, the new features include:

  • An air pressure leak test - a safe and easy way to ensure a clean-room environment and check for leakages without overflowing water.
  • WiFi and ethernet connection through the Test-rig, allowing you to easily connect to your office network and to share the test results.
  • A water exchange system, that makes it possible for you to automatically fill and purge water through the software. This allows you to ensure clean water for the testing at all times (NB! Only included in the Test-rig Standard & Premium Solution).    
  • An Extended Software Solution, that includes an Optimisation Analysis of how to get the maximum flow on a mould with the minimal pressure possible, thereby allowing you to significally optimise your energy consumption (NB! Only included in the Test-rig Premium Solution).
  • Ergonomic work station with adjustable touch panel
  • New nice design, making it smaller and more robust   

An optimisation of any injection moulding production

"The Test-rig allows the user to get vital information, that they will benefit from, all through the life cycle of a mould. By validating a new mould before it is put into production, the factory gets benchmarking measurements, that they will need for all future performance analyses – replacing an unreliable estimate with exact data.

Through the years we have learned that the Test-rig data can improve practically all work processes related to a mould - saving man hours, shortening downtime and optimising troubleshooting and maintenance." 


- Murali Rajendran
Software Architect, Mouldflo


Why mouldmakers benefit from the Test-rig

The Test-rig is an innovative and forward-thinking technology that is both convenient, time-saving and precise. It enables mouldmakers to ensure that their customers' moulds are always running in top condition with optimal cycle times.

It ensures efficient work processes as well as flawless injection moulded parts. By implementing the test-rig in your work process, your team will be using the newest technology, that makes it possible for your customers to get shorter cycle time, higher quality parts and documentation.

 The Test-rig enables mouldmakers to:

  • Test, analyse and certify a newly build mould to make sure that it is in optimal condition with documented results.
  • Store the data in case any issues arises later in the life of the mould. This provides you with a time-saving process to identify, where a problem is lurking and it minimizes the downtime for your customers.



Flow, temperature and pressure test​

With the Test-rig, the cooling channels can be analysed and tested.

The flow and pressure can be controlled exactly to simulate the production setup. All details displayed on the screen:

  • Flow
  • Temperature
  • Pressure Inlet
  • Pressure Outlet

Advanced pump technology

The Test-rig is equipped with a high tech pump, which allows you to control flow volume and pump pressure. Everything is controlled from the touch control.​
The integrated water tank will provide water for flow and pressure tests.

After testing and validating the mould, a convenient feature allows you to air purge the water out of all channels, simply by pushing the “empty system” function.



Interface & Test Reports 

The software is designed to give a simple and quick overview. From the monitor all functions can be controlled and reports can be saved as validation for a maintenance or as documentation for a newly developed mould. All reports can be saved or printed as documentation.

Following data can be recorded:

  • Flow volume/capacity
  • Pressure loss through the mould
  • Optimisation Analysis

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