• The Mouldflo Cart

    Mobile plug & play monitoring


The Mouldflo Cart - The Flow Monitoring System on wheels


Mobile Plug & Play Monitoring

The Mouldflo Cart is developed to give you temporary overview of the cooling systems in your production.

It offers the complete functionalities of the Flow Monitoring System, put neatly together in a standardised setup, attached to a moveable frame.

This makes the Cart a mobile and flexible plug & play solution, that can be used in rotation on several moulding machines in a production line.


Want a flexible solution to optimise your production?

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Flexible monitoring and troubleshooting

You can choose to use either one or two manifolds on the Cart and it is compatible with both the aluminium and the stainless steel manifold with 4, 8 or 12 ports.

This gives you the opportunity to monitor up to 24 cooling channels at once, while having the flexibility to move it to another machine, when your production changes or an issue arises.

Where the Mouldflo Flow Monitoring System is preventive, the CART is especially beneficial in fast emerging situations on different machines. 

Eagle Industry, Hungary
We are happy to have implemented the Mouldflo functionalities into our work processes. It’s easy to use the products and it helps a lot to maintain the quality during production.
Eagle Industry, Hungary
Varroc Lighting Systems
Mouldflo helps us start our production faster, making the time it takes to change a mould more efficient by nearly 10 minutes. It saves us important time and it has improved our work flow considerably.
Varroc Lighting Systems
T E Connectivity
Just having the flow monitoring has been a huge troubleshooting advantage, as we have been able to compare flow through the three different molds that we have been sampling. We immediately found that one of the new tools had a blocked circuit and were able to fix it right away.
T E Connectivity