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Introducing MouldLive - Plastic Industry 4.0
The new MouldLive Solution introduces a game-changing IIoT and cloud technology, designed for the plastic production of the future.
Case story - A mouldmaker's gateway to happy customers
Learn how a mouldmaking and repair company uses the Test-rig to ensure high-quality and profitable moulds for their customers.
How To Optimise Your Production Quality
Do you always get the best production results? The innovative technology in Mouldflo helps you avoid failed production.
Test-rig version 2.0 ready: Next Level Validation and Maintenance
Learn more about our improved Test-rig that secures your production quality, using the newest technology.
Mouldflo Selected as Top 500 Deeptech Startup
We are proud to have been chosen as one of Hello Tomorrow’s Top 500 deeptech startups worldwide. Next stop: Paris!
Case - Solving problems via ΔT
Read about how a big automotive company reduced their cycle time by 5 seconds!
Case - Visual representation of data shows future trends of flow and temperature
Read about how a customer achieved insights into historical data of flow and temperature
Mouldflo as a part of Next Step Challenge
We wish to innovate and develop even better products!
Case - Increased production led to problems
Read about how increased volume of production caused the cooling pump to reduce flow