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Eagle Industry

"It has been easy to connect Mouldflo to our machines and to configure the settings that allows us to check the flow and temperature for every water circuit at the same time. The alarm functions work well with our Fanuc machine: if one parameter is out from tolerance, the machine stops at the end of the cycle, and you cannot start until the alarm is off. 

We are happy to have implemented the Mouldflo functionalities into our work processes. It’s easy to use the products, and it helps a lot to maintain the quality during production."

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Varroc Lighting systems

"We use Mouldflo for monitoring the pre-heating, before assembling the mould on the machine. This helps us start our production faster, making the time it takes to change a mould more efficient by nearly 10 minutes. Furthermore, Mouldflo enables us to detect any problems on the mould, before the mould is assembed to the machine. This saves us important time whenever there is an electrical problem, a stuck water chanel etc. and it has improved our work flow considerably.

We have also connected Mouldflo to our new machine and we are now able to monitor the production time second by second. This helps us see if there is ever any issues related to production and it enables us to keep producing high quality pieces."

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T E Connectivity


"Just having the flow monitoring has been a huge troubleshooting advantage, as I have been able to compare flow through the three different molds that we have been sampling. We immediately found that one of the new tools had a blocked circuit and were able to fix it right away."


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Aalbers Tool and Mould Inc.


"The Mouldflo Test-rig gives us the reports and technical data required to optimise a tool's cooling efficiency."


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