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    How monitoring matters


Get the knowledge you need to control your production

Too often blocked waterways and incorrect machine settings result in the loss of thousands of dollars and wasted resources in the plastic industry. That is why, manufacturers need a solution that gives them an overview and control of the parameters, affecting their production. 

Mouldflo offers the necessary technology to analyse and control what is happening inside the moulds of the entire production. Our solutions allow our customers to be ahead of any maintenance issues or potential production optimisations. 




The most important part of the moulding process

During the injection moulding process of plastic components, the cooling process constitutes up to 70% of the total cycle time. This makes the mould’s cooling process one of the most important factors, when manufacturing high-quality parts.

The flow, temperature and pressure of the cooling circuits is crucial to the final quality of the plastic components as well as to the total cycle time and energy consumption.

By monitoring the mould’s cooling circuits you get the necessary knowledge to optimise the cooling time, improve your production value and reduce materials wasted due to failed production.


The cooling time is up to 70 % of the total cycle time. By monitoring the flow, temperature and pressure in the cooling circuit, you can optimise the energy efficiency, improve productivity and reduce scrap.


How we help you optimise

Mouldflo offers high-quality solutions for monitoring, analysing, testing and diagnosing the cooling circuits on moulds.

As a manufacturer, mould maker or machine operator, you will gain unique and crucial insights into relevant data about your moulds.

The Mouldflo products measure flow, temperature and pressure, and ensures the quality of your production by automatically alerting you, if any issue arises.

As a result, you will be able to optimise both your production and your work processes by making data-driven decisions. 


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Eagle Industry, Hungary
We are happy to have implemented the Mouldflo functionalities into our work processes. It’s easy to use the products and it helps a lot to maintain the quality during production.
Eagle Industry, Hungary
Varroc Lighting Systems
Mouldflo helps us start our production faster, making the time it takes to change a mould more efficient by nearly 10 minutes. It saves us important time and it has improved our work flow considerably.
Varroc Lighting Systems
T E Connectivity
Just having the flow monitoring has been a huge troubleshooting advantage, as we have been able to compare flow through the three different molds that we have been sampling. We immediately found that one of the new tools had a blocked circuit and were able to fix it right away.
T E Connectivity
 Aalbers Tool and Mould Inc.
The Mouldflo Test-rig gives us the reports and technical data required to optimise a tool's cooling efficiency.
Aalbers Tool and Mould Inc.