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A Mouldmaking Game Changer

We are happy to be able to share a case story from a Canadian mouldmaking and repair company, that uses our Test-rig to ensure high-quality and profitable moulds for their customers.

The full original story was written by MoldMaking Technology Magazine and it explores how mouldmakers can benefit from incorporating the Test-rig into their work processes. 



Test-rig improves production 

MMT Magazine's article is centered around Aalbers Tool and Mold Inc., a Canadian company that has been building injection moulds for the automotive industry for over 30 years. 

The article describes, how they have experienced the Test-rig as an important addition to their company, improving the quality of their products. With the monitoring of flow and temperature they have achieved efficient work processes and flawless injection moulded parts.

The Test-rig has made them sorts of cooling circuit experts and they are able to ensure, that their costumers’ moulds are always running in top condition with optimal cycle times.

The CEO describes the advantages of the Test-rig and how they have incorporated it into different stages of their work. It has proven to be an innovative and forward-thinking technology that is both convenient, time-saving and precise.


You can read the full MMT article here: 


 Aalbers Tool and Mould Inc.
The Mouldflo Test-rig gives us the reports and technical data required to optimise a tool's cooling efficiency.
Aalbers Tool and Mould Inc.

it has never been easier to test and maintain your moulds

Equipped with its own water tank, pump, manifold and a full software setup, the Test-rig allows you to document, validate and maintain your moulds by testing them in a practical all-in-one tool.

Learn more about how to use the Test-rig in the video and here: 


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